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Eco Whale Watching 2011

Yes!  Now is the time to book your place onboard to experience seeing these majestic whales close up.

The 2011 eco whale watching season is not far away starting in Mid May for the northern or winter migration.

As a apart of their migratory path, many Humpback and Southern Right Whales swim very close to the coastline around Sydney.

Winter and Spring is the perfect season for eco whale watching from Sydney Harbour.

Our Eco Whale Watching tours are very personalised tour. One major advantage is that we cater for only a small number of passengers. This allows plenty of space and no pushing crowds.

If you have never experienced a whale up close then this awe inspiring tour is a must.

To ensure these wonderful animals are protected, Sydney Eco Whale Watching practices responsible whale watching. We understand that we need to minimise disturbance to the whales and follow NSW National Parks and Wildlife guidelines

 Our eco whale watching tours operate from Darling Harbour generally twice a day. For more information please contact us on  Phone or Text +61 2 9878 0300 or 0409 125 186 or via our online form